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James Phillips and John Sinden attended the 5th International Symposium on Peripheral Nerve Regeneration held in Porto, Portugal on 8th-9thJuly 2019. James Phillips gave a Keynote Lecture “Preclinical proof of concept testing for ‘off the shelf’ living engineered neural tissue” in which he presented the results from Glialign’s recent preclinical experiment conducted at UCL to an audience of leading experts in nerve injury and repair research. The experimental study involved using Engineered Neural Tissue (EngNT) to repair severe nerve damage, then measuring a range of outcomes including neuronal regeneration and recovery of muscle function. Results were equivalent to using the nerve autograft, which is currently the preferred method for repairing nerve damage where a gap must be bridged. More information about the study is available in the published abstract from the ISPNR meeting which can be downloaded here (Page 15).

About Glialign: Glialign is developing an innovative, effective ‘off the shelf’ therapy for peripheral nerve repair (PNR) to replace surgical nerve autografts (the current gold standard). Our living nerve growth guide, Engineered Neural Tissue (EngNT), is a cellular device made of a natural extracellular matrix by a simple 2-step process. It combines patented cell alignment and gel stabilization technologies with clinical quality neural stem cells. The EngNT tissue will be engineered to mimic peripheral nerve structure, with a cellular core in which both cells and the matrix protein are aligned, this guides neural outgrowth and supports nerve regeneration, surrounding the core is a robust outer collagen sheath that enables suturing of EngNT to damaged nerve ends. 

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